A new tour has been published: Adriatic turnaround

Thanks to the SkyClub Flight Operations, we’re proud to present the Adriatic turnaround tour.

The tour is divided into 10 legs and runs counter-clockwise around the entire coast of the Adriatic Sea, allowing to appreciate the remarkable differences between the western and eastern side. We will start from Venice Lido and follow the Italian shore south-eastwards down to to the Salento peninsula, then cross the sea to Albania and go on north-westwards along the jagged ex-Yugoslavian coastline, rich of islands with their characteristic stretched shape, touching Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. Finally, from Istria, we will come back to Italy, heading to Venice Tessera where the tour ends.

More information here: http://www.skyclubitalia.it/4-sky-tour-adriatic-turnaround/

VA news

Tons of news today, let’s start:

  • The flight school syllabus has been reviewed: we’re trying to create a smooth learning path that properly covers the needs required to achieve each module: check the site
  • Giuseppe Mazzei enters the school staff and takes the ownership of a new optional module: ATC basics
  • What? ATC basics?!?!? That’s great! Yes, it is and the only prerequisite is to be an active member of SkyClub, including fly time requirements
  • As Giuseppe comes in, Davide and Gabriele leave the role of VP: by now, life demands time; doors will be always open
  • Accordingly, Giampaolo gets the role of VP School and Celestino VP Fly Ops
  • Aurelio will support Celestino as fly ops staff
  • Francesco will have a more active role as staff school, including the recurrent scheduling of ATC sessions
  • The IR optional module is suffering the lack of the trainer, then, at a very low priority, will be managed by the only one currently entitled: Leonardo

New module in our school

We’re glad to inform you that club associates and practitioners can now gain the commercial rating through attending the just published module of our school: Commercial rating


Purpose of the module is to explain the basics of FSEconomy that is a multi-player persistent word focused on economics.

SkyClub Italia is now present in this world with its own flight group, giving the opportunitity to our pilots to learn another aspect of the simulated world.

New module in our school

We’re glad to inform you that club associates can now gain the instrument rating through attending the fourth module of our school: Introduction to IFR

Purpose of the module is to explain the basics of the instrumental flight but still using light aircrafts: liners are not yet in our hearts 🙂

Your VA has been added

It is a great pleasure to share the following email:

Hello Riccardo,

Your VA, SkyClub Italia, has been added to our database.

Your VA’s ID is 19780, please keep it for future reference when communicating with us.
Follow the following link to view your VA details: http://www.ivao.aero/db/airline/airline.asp?id=19780

Use the following logo to link to IVAO http://status.ivao.aero/CVA2/XXXX.png
where XXXX must be the ID code of your company you can find above this line.
You can use this logo instead the other one http://status.ivao.aero/CVA/XXXX.png


Kind regards
The IVAO database staff

Internal ranking & callsign news

Starting from now, all club members must use the SCInnn callsign regardless their internal ranking.

Flight hours will be upgraded accordingly.

This change also required modifications to the following documents:

– Point 4,5 and 6 of the limitations section are changed to match the new internal rank- Added a new limitation (point #9)

School -> Ranking
– Describes the new internal rank, it is, after all, just wording but now you can find some very beautiful graphical icons

Members -> Pilots and Flight Log
– Changed accordingly the new internal rank


First mod II graduated

It’s a great pleasure to announce the first graduated pilots, Marco and Leonardo, that completed our module II with the following test flights:


Accordingly their callsigns are upgraded from SCY to SCZ

Great job