A new tour has been published: Adriatic turnaround

Thanks to the SkyClub Flight Operations, we’re proud to present the Adriatic turnaround tour.

The tour is divided into 10 legs and runs counter-clockwise around the entire coast of the Adriatic Sea, allowing to appreciate the remarkable differences between the western and eastern side. We will start from Venice Lido and follow the Italian shore south-eastwards down to to the Salento peninsula, then cross the sea to Albania and go on north-westwards along the jagged ex-Yugoslavian coastline, rich of islands with their characteristic stretched shape, touching Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. Finally, from Istria, we will come back to Italy, heading to Venice Tessera where the tour ends.

More information here: http://www.skyclubitalia.it/4-sky-tour-adriatic-turnaround/

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