VA news

Tons of news today, let’s start:

  • The flight school syllabus has been reviewed: we’re trying to create a smooth learning path that properly covers the needs required to achieve each module: check the site
  • Giuseppe Mazzei enters the school staff and takes the ownership of a new optional module: ATC basics
  • What? ATC basics?!?!? That’s great! Yes, it is and the only prerequisite is to be an active member of SkyClub, including fly time requirements
  • As Giuseppe comes in, Davide and Gabriele leave the role of VP: by now, life demands time; doors will be always open
  • Accordingly, Giampaolo gets the role of VP School and Celestino VP Fly Ops
  • Aurelio will support Celestino as fly ops staff
  • Francesco will have a more active role as staff school, including the recurrent scheduling of ATC sessions
  • The IR optional module is suffering the lack of the trainer, then, at a very low priority, will be managed by the only one currently entitled: Leonardo

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